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Our Strategic Focus

  • Provide high-ROI products and services that drive efficiencies in our markets.
  • Expand strategically with our customers into new geographies.
  • Methodically grow stockholder value through disciplined financial and operational management.
  • Provide fulfilling career opportunities for our associates (our greatest assets).
  • Offer discernible value to our industry due to our vast store of knowledge, our cutting-edge skills, our system-wide innovative spirit, and our worldwide network of visionary leadership teams.



Leverage: More claims in more places and do more with each claim.

Diversify: Extend core competencies (data, applications and networks) across the vehicle lifestyle.

Disrupt: Disrupt the market by connecting our platforms and enabling the digital lifestyles of our customer's customer. 

Our Vision

In the future, we believe the digital lifestyles of our customers-customers (we work with the end customer in mind but always offer our services through our business customers, hence the term, customers-customers) will require all aspects of auto and home ownership to be digitally enabled and connected .We believe that Solera, with its diverse data based platforms, will be uniquely positioned to serve this need. We will therefore serve the complete auto lifecycle needs and leverage our core competencies of data, software and networking to digitize property claims management as well.

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles help our entire organization achieve these organizational goals and are integral to our current and future success.